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May 05, 2021

Command Your Tuscaloosa Security System With Alexa or Google Nest

Did you know you can access your Tuscaloosa ADT security system with your voice-controlled smart speakers? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your Tuscaloosa home security system was more intuitive? Well, good news! Using voice commands from your smart speaker with your Tuscaloosa security system you can create an amazing boost.

Your voice activated assistants like Google or Alexa can be paired with your state-of-the-art system to command your smart lights, activate your locks, and send tripped alarm notifications to your phone and ADT monitoring experts. Then when you’re preparing for bed or to leave the house, all you need to say is “Goodbye,” and watch everything slip into protection mode. That’s a great time saver when you’re rushing to leave quickly and have your hands full.

How can you link Google Nest or Alexa with your Tuscaloosa security system:

Turn On The ADT Control Using The Google or Alexa App

To get voice commands working with your home security system, you’ll have to enable the ADT Control skill in the Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa app. Then you can instruct your devices to perform almost all of the commands that you can do in your mobile security app. With easy voice commands, you can arm or disarm your alarms, adjust your smart lighting and smart thermostat, or check to see if you left the garage door open.

You could use separate skills to control each security and automation component, but that can seem like a mess. One of the advantages of linking your Tuscaloosa security system to Google Nest or Alexa is that every voice command for every component is easily found in a singular skill. Luckily, you can personalize your home with alarms, automation, and security cameras that will work together with intuitive voice commands.

What Voice Instructions Can You Use When You Pair Your Tuscaloosa Security System To Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa?

Google and Alexa can do more things than just turning on your smart bulbs or disarming your alarms. You can find out the status of your sensors or adjust a component to a predetermined setting. You can also tell your smart speaker to plan a timetable for your components just like you could in the ADT app.

Say these commands for your Alexa or Google Nest:

  • “Arm my home security system.”

  • “Lock the main door.”

  • “Turn off my kitchen light.”

  • “Did I set the alarms?”

  • “Record a clip from my garage door camera.”

  • “How cold is it in here?”

You can also create a routine within the Alexa or Google app that puts different alarms, cameras, and automation devices together. For example, say “Alexa, I’m going out,” and lock your smart locks, arm your alarms, lower the smart thermostat, and extinguish your smart lights. Or preset a routine for “tv time,” and let your thermostat, lights, and other devices automatically conform to their pre-programmed setting. The alarms, cameras, and home automation you can pair together for a custom scene are almost limitless.

Multiple Mobile Devices

Should You Buy All Your Smart Devices From One Place Or Mix And Match?

Is linking your Tuscaloosa security system to Google Nest or Alexa simpler if you order your devices from one place, or can you pick over time? While you can get non-ADT components -- most use z-wave wireless connections -- sometimes it’s more convenient to get all your security components linked at the initial install.

When you get your security, safety, and automation devices activated at the initial install, you create a united system from the outset. Then you can pre-set away and make groups and routines, and know everything will work perfectly on day one. You could mix and match your smart alarms and cameras as you go, but then you may have hope that they work in sync. However, make sure that any additional alarms, cameras, or smart items are paired to your security system first, and then have your AI assistant respond through the ADT voice prompts.

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